During the 2016 US election, a colleague asked after the theological voices that might speak to the context. This website and the course it houses is an initial attempt to answer that question.

To encapsulate the recent events in the UK and the USA in term like “political populism” risks reducing the complex of forces underlying the political decision to a monolithic movement. Such is not the intent here. This investigation identifies a number of contributing factors (migration, multiculturalism, racism, religion) and considers each using political and social science voices, and provides theological resources focused especially on intercultural theology and hermeneutics.

To find the select themes and resources for each week, click on “course outline” in the navigation above.

While the resources are here for those who might be generally interested, it is also being run as an academic course through Pilgrim Theological College in Melbourne, Australia. It appears under the name “Conversations: Interdisciplinary Theological Perspectives on Contemporary Issues.” This course examines different contemporary themes each year. Political populism is the theme for 2017. It runs as an intensive course over three sessions:  March 3; March 31/April 1; April 21/22. To enrol, please email: study@pilgrim.edu.au

As an academic course, the material will reflect a variety of opinions and intends to stimulate discussion. The inclusion of an item does not indicate approval. Where available, I include popular materials available on the Internet, but the majority of material will be academic in nature.

Only the bibliographies and occasional summary commentary will be offered on this website. When I have found copies of the cited texts free online, I have provided the link. Otherwise, the majority are available on the common academic databases, but you will need to source these yourself. I will not respond to requests for these materials.

Feel free to contact me with suggestions/corrections/comment either on Twitter (@flettjohn) or using the below contact form.